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Safety surfacing is a rubberised surface made from coloured rubber crumb,mulch or granules

The depth of the base course depends on the critical fall height of any play equipment.typical 1.3 critical fall height requires a minimum depth of 50mm.

we can supply materials for rubber crumb safety surfacing,including binder.

loose rubber granules for around slides and play equipment in your garden

loose rubber mulch and binder for garden borders or play equipment.

Typical installtions include


pre schools

primary schools

public areas where safety is paramount

household installations.

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Clear PU binder 25kg Drum

This specially formulated clear binder can be used with SBR and EDPM granules and rubber mulches.This one part sytem cures naturally without the addition of hardeners within a few hours
£99.50 excl tax

edpm coloured granules 1-3mm

made from virgin rubber theses edpm 1-3mm granules can be mixed with our eco friendly binder to create a safety surface for childrens palyareas.Choose form our colour range
From £0.00 excl tax

rubber shred/mulch

Using coloured shred for landscaping or as a play-surface is a great way to mimic natural bark and use a recycled material. - Low maintenance, therefore cheaper to own - Helps to cut down on weeds, mould or fungus growth - Larger shreds than granulated rubber, and the shape creates a layered effect with increased stability. - Does not attract pets and wildlife mess. - Retains surface tension moisture only, so it doesn't stay wet. (Drainage maybe required under any loose fill material) - Does not blow around or easily scatter - Reduced settlement, no compaction or rotting to allow for, so cost effective long-term life cost. Rubber taken from tyres with no metal at the point of source; less risk of contaminants - Has been drop tested in accordance with BS EN1177 test method for playground use. Great for domestic applications and areas of 'free-play' (NB maintained minimum thickness in use applies. Ask one of our consultants for guidence on depths for your application) - We have tested our rubber shred and it has been given toy safe classification - Comfortable underfoot and natural looking aesthetics - Consultant helpline to answer your questions and assist with the calculations for your project.
£10.00 excl tax

SBR black granules

these granules from the base for safety surfacing made from recycled tyres they come in 25kg bags with the addition of a clear binder they cure to a spongy surface within a matter of hours
£5.50 excl tax