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Resin Bonded

Resin Bonded Resin bonded paving is a 2 layered scatter system where the resin is sprayed on to the ground and the aggregate is scattered on top. Benefits of this system are that it is quick and easy to apply, it is cheap compared to many other paving systems including resin bound and it can be trafficked in a couple of hours.

All our gravels are prewashed and kiln dried to reduced the amount of dust particles .


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Corn Aggregate bonded application only

Either 1-3mm or 2-5mm,this aggregate is popular for bonded or bound surfacing around the exterior of properties including paths patios ,driveways and courtyards.
£8.00 excl tax

Crushed glass 25kg

Choose from a choice of 12 colours of pigmented glass. 25 kg will cover upto 2m2 @7.5mm depth
£0.00 excl tax

Natural aggregates 25kg

Choose from a range of 12 natural 1-3mm aggregates. Coverage upto 2m2 @7.5mm
£10.00 excl tax

Red Granite Aggregate

1-3mm/2-5mm.This aggregate is great for bonded or bound surfacing around the exterior or properties including paths patios driveways or courtyards.
£8.00 excl tax
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