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New products

Rubber safety surfacing De-icer Kits

Do you maintain a rubber safety surface,dont let it freeze over this winter with our 10kg deicer kits
£82.50 excl tax

Rubber crumb repair kits

ideal for small repairs on rubber ssafety surfacing
£62.50 excl tax

black 100gsm weed suppresant membrane 90gsm

This chemical free heavy duty weed controlling solution is ideal for gravel driveways, pathways, under decking, borders, herb and vegetable is very easy to use simply cut to size and place mat in position, cutting holes for your plants and flowers then cover the whole thing with a layer of bark, mulch or decorative stones/pebbles. The way that the mat works is that it acts like a barrier for weeds but at the same time conserves the moisture in the soil and allows rain water and nutrients to easily pass through
£1.00 excl tax

landscaping cobbles and gravels

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