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Picture of Rubber safety surfacing De-icer Kits

Rubber safety surfacing De-icer Kits

Do you maintain a rubber safety surface,dont let it freeze over this winter with our 10kg deicer kits

In the interests of safety we recommend that the area is not used until thawed out or ice free.
Soft Surfaces Liquid De-icer is an industry leading liquid de-icer, which starts to act the moment it is applied. It is easy and effective to use, as well as being environmentally friendly (biodegradable).  Soft Surfaces Liquid De-icer can be used either to clear existing ice (de-icing), or to prevent ice forming (anti-icing). It is recommended that any snow coverage is cleared first before any application.   So as well as clearing ice that has already formed, the liquid formulation starts to work on contact, to  prevent ice from forming and can last for days after the application, unless washed from the treated playground surface.
  Coverage: 10 litres will typically be sufficient to treat approximately 500m², when used as an anti-icing application.
Users need to ensure they have applied enough product to control the ice, however; we provide no guarantees on product performance as it is dictated by ground conditions, rates of use and methods of application etc. This non-toxic and non-hazardous liquid de-icer has been tested on a range of materials (as part of it’s aerospace approval) and as far as we know it’s safe on all clothing, with no problems over the 15 years of supply. However, we haven’t tested all materials and so we can’t be held liable if someone claims damage to property.  Standard sprayers are ideal to apply it, from simple hand-pumped garden sprayers to more sophisticated 'knapsack' back pack sprayers with handheld booms. For the ultimate ease of application, the Acuspray sprayer is ideal for simple, rapid application onto the wetpour safety surface. Material Safety Data Sheets available on request, for your own product evaluation.