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Picture of pneumatic power float

pneumatic power float

Direct from America, pneumatic powerfloat for resin screeds, ubber crumb Cementous screeds weighs less than 20kgs

Features include a fingertip pitch control which adjusts the blade angle up to 10° while the trowel is in use.

The HoverTrowel also has a telescoping handle extending its length from roughly 42″ to 64″ at 6″ increments. This feature gives the trowel the ability to operate in smaller rooms, as well as reaching further onto fresh mortar in larger areas.

A HoverTrowel has two blade settings to facilitate power troweling in even more confined spaces and narrow doorways. All blade types are interchangeable and available in 9-1/2″ x 5″, as well as a smaller guard (with a 25″ diameter) and 14″ x 5″ with a large guard (34″ diameter).

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